A chimney appears to be a simple structure to an average individual. They are only made of bricks and are anticipated to last for a lifetime. However, a chimney can offer a lot more than that. Chimneys affected by moisture or the neglected ones should go through masonry repair to fix them and boost their overall condition. Here are some of the most popular masonry repairs done on chimneys:

Fireplace reconstruction

If you don’t know, chimneys generally do not like the presence of any moisture or water. This goes the same with the fireplace. Water could lead to spalling—specifically hazardous to fireplaces. That is why it’s really essential to inspect your chimney and fireplace for water damage indicators. Once your fireplace has a leaking pipe nearby, it could result in severe consequences. Once the damage exists, then you might need to have your fireplace rebuilt.

Chimney crown repair

One of the most vital jobs of masonry repair would be to maintain the chimney crown—a structure that conceals the chimney’s top and must reach approximately 2 inches above its edge. Once your chimney crown is required to be fixed, this job could be performed with a crown coat sealant.


Tuckpointing is a masonry repair for chimneys that simply means eliminating damaged mortar from a chimney and having it replaced with a virtually similar but brand new mortar, which must match the old one because of durability, color, and consistency.

Restoration of firebox

The firebox is where the fire burns. Because of this, it must be developed with refractory mortars and firebricks that could endure high temperatures as it simultaneously insulates nearby structure. You should refrain from lighting a fire in a damaged firebox. Otherwise, you will have the fire spread to the walls and structures nearby. You need to check the firebox annually, which could be at the start of the winter season before you use it for safety reasons. If you cannot determine whether it is in great condition or not, you can always ask for the assistance of the experts who will come and inspect your firebox. If ever there are damages found, then it is needed to be restored ASAP.

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