Facts about Fiberglass Attic Insulation 

There is never a better time to improve your attic’s insulation than now, whether you are using spray foam insulation Panama City FL or laying down batts and blankets.   

You might not even know you’ve got an issue. Over time, moisture and airflow can impact the efficiency of your insulation.  

While you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to insulating your attic properly, the one that a lot of people use is fiberglass.  

Here are several facts about fiberglass attic insulation: 

It Lasts for Years 

Traditional fiberglass was popular since it lasts 9 up to 14 years without replacing it. Fortunately, fiberglass insulation nowadays still has the same life span. However, it’s much better today.  

Before, traditional blanket or batt fiberglass has a tendency to collect moisture, get clogged with dust, and settle or sag over a long period. Now, blown-in fiberglass lowers almost all of these problems.  

It Isn’t as Itchy 

For those who don’t know, the itchiness was always associated with fiberglass products. That is the reason why professionals utilize work clothes, heavy gloves, and masks whenever they install it.  

Luckily, nowadays, fiberglass does not utilize formaldehyde as a binding material unlike before. Modern fiberglass is made with a binding agent that is plant-based and natural. 

You do not have to be careful about touching it or breathing it in even if you’ve got to interact with your attic or wall insulation at some point.  

It Has Excellent R-Value 

Since it is manufactured through a process that enables for a lot of flexibility in production, fiberglass can be manufactured to any R-value you want.  

For those who don’t know, the government-regulated measurements that recognize how good home insulation can be are called R-value. For houses in a hot climate, the Department of Energy recommends R30 or more. On the other hand, for houses in an extremely cold climate, it is best to have at least R49.  

Keep in mind that R-value doesn’t measure its thickness in insulation. Instead, it measures its heat resistance. Of course, you cannot easily tell R-value using your eyes only.  

It is the Standard in the Industry 

Fiberglass is very flexible and can be made in any way you want since it is made out of silica and other fine glass materials.  

Fiberglass is an effective insulator since it has a lot of natural air pockets between the fibers that capture heat and traps it. Also, fiberglass can be made to be as environmentally-friendly as any other material. 

Furthermore, it is an excellent natural sound barrier. It can block noise easily compared to other insulators.  

It is Your Best Value 

In the previous years, cotton, mineral wool, and cellulose have been rolled into the insulation.  

However, fiberglass always comes out the best whenever you compare their different insulating properties and compare that with their cost per inch. Cellulose and mineral wool will usually cost more compared to fiberglass. In addition to that, cellulose has problems with mold and rot. On the other hand, fiberglass does not have those issues 

Most Popular Types of Chimney Masonry Repair

A chimney appears to be a simple structure to an average individual. They are only made of bricks and are anticipated to last for a lifetime. However, a chimney can offer a lot more than that. Chimneys affected by moisture or the neglected ones should go through masonry repair to fix them and boost their overall condition. Here are some of the most popular masonry repairs done on chimneys:

Fireplace reconstruction

If you don’t know, chimneys generally do not like the presence of any moisture or water. This goes the same with the fireplace. Water could lead to spalling—specifically hazardous to fireplaces. That is why it’s really essential to inspect your chimney and fireplace for water damage indicators. Once your fireplace has a leaking pipe nearby, it could result in severe consequences. Once the damage exists, then you might need to have your fireplace rebuilt.

Chimney crown repair

One of the most vital jobs of masonry repair would be to maintain the chimney crown—a structure that conceals the chimney’s top and must reach approximately 2 inches above its edge. Once your chimney crown is required to be fixed, this job could be performed with a crown coat sealant.


Tuckpointing is a masonry repair for chimneys that simply means eliminating damaged mortar from a chimney and having it replaced with a virtually similar but brand new mortar, which must match the old one because of durability, color, and consistency.

Restoration of firebox

The firebox is where the fire burns. Because of this, it must be developed with refractory mortars and firebricks that could endure high temperatures as it simultaneously insulates nearby structure. You should refrain from lighting a fire in a damaged firebox. Otherwise, you will have the fire spread to the walls and structures nearby. You need to check the firebox annually, which could be at the start of the winter season before you use it for safety reasons. If you cannot determine whether it is in great condition or not, you can always ask for the assistance of the experts who will come and inspect your firebox. If ever there are damages found, then it is needed to be restored ASAP.

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Preparing Your Flat Roof for Spring 

If you want them to be kept in excellent shape, flat roofs need routine maintenance and cleaning. Also, since spring is coming, homeowners with flat roofs will have to properly clean and inspect their flat roof in order to avoid several issues. Also, it might even be crucial to hire roofing contractors Bay City MI to help you make repairs if there are several winter damage on your roof.  

Here are several ways to prepare your flat roof for the upcoming spring: 

Examine for Punctures 

You need to properly examine the roofing membrane for tears, rips, or punctures. The kind of membrane will depend on what type of flat roof you’ve got. However, almost every roofing membrane is made from EPDM, modified bitumen, or PVC Membrane. 

Almost every single one of these materials is installed in layers and sealed to offer a watertight barrier. However, winter damage can create holes that enable water to leak inside. Of course, the materials will eventually deteriorate as your flat roof ages. Thus, these holes will become more common. Therefore, it’s an excellent move to monitor these problems and immediately contact a professional roofer if you think you’ve got a lot of holes that need to be fixed. 

Clean Every Outlet 

For those who don’t know, a flat roof isn’t really flat. They are made to gently slope towards drainage outlets. The key to keeping your flat roof from leaking is to keep these drainage outlets from clogging.  

Water will slowly back up and it will pool on the roof if your drain is clogged. This will put stress on the structural integrity of your roof and improving the chances that water will seep through the roofing membrane, inside the insulation, and through your ceiling.  

Because of this, it is crucial to clean and sweep your roof regularly throughout the fall and summer. However, this is more crucial during the months of spring. 

Get Rid of Debris 

Perhaps one of the aspects that make your neighborhood an enticing area to live in is that there are a lot of trees that line ravines, parks, and streets. However, all of these trees mean that debris can easily build up on flat roofs. That’s why gathering all the debris that has accumulated over the winter is the first thing you’ve got to do after the snow has melted.  

Also, if you do not want to run into more severe issues, you have to deal with the regular build-up of organic matter and dirt as soon as the snow is clear.  

Install a Flat Roof Deck 

If you really want to make the most out of your flat roof, you can simply install a floating roof deck during the summer months. A floating deck isn’t really anchored to your home’s structure. This means that you can easily get rid of it during fall and winter. However, before you install a flat roof deck, make sure your drains aren’t clogged, there are no tears or punctures, and the roof is clean.  

Methods in Recruiting the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

If you are thinking about cleaning the apartment or the house, then we always consider hiring someone to do it especially if we think that this could consume too much time as you have a busy schedule and day due to your work. Some may think about the commercial cleaning services Pittsburgh to be expensive and sometimes you could not get a result that would satisfy you and the process of cleaning is not that vivid due to the reason that there is only a very limited time for them to do it. That is nice to be part of your budget if you have enough money or monthly salary as you don’t need to think about the expenses even if you hire them every week of the month because you want to make your house clean and comfortable every time that you go home.

It could be a feeling of satisfaction when you go home and you would notice that every area or corner of the house is clean then you could take a rest very well and don’t need to worry about mopping the floor or to sweep the table with a piece of cloth. Of course, you need to think deeply about getting one or before hiring them because of some things that you could actually be confused especially when it comes to the payment and the agreement that you could get from the service company. One mistake could ruin your house or the things that you have in the house so you need to be careful about the company or the cleaner that you are going to hire to do this kind of house work. We have here some of the things that could be a good way for you to choose and to select the best one that you have in your area.

Think about first the things or the parts of the house that you want to be cleaned by the service company or by another person so that you could have a fixed mindset and make sure that everything would be listed in case that there are things that might go missing there. Some would just select the areas that are prone to dirt like the windows and the roof part of the house and even with the dusting of the sofa and the other furniture at home. Of course, the service and the areas of the house would be the inclusion of the overall charge that they are going to ask from you and most of them would also get some tips and even cleaning charges for the employee that they sent there to your house.

There are a lot of commercial cleaning agencies that you could contact now especially that many house owners are liking this kind of idea instead of cleaning their homes on their own. It would save them so much time and could have the best rest at the same time while doing this kind of thing.

Stuff to Think About Before Having Decks and Stamped Concrete

It would be very unlucky for some people that they need to experience the different kinds of seasons as they could not enjoy the things that they want unless they would wait for one season to be over. It includes the things that they want to do outside the house like walking along the park or go shopping to the malls unless they have a car to use when they go shopping as it would not matter the weather condition like the rain or the sunny days. You need to inspect as well the different parts of the house like the flooring of the house or the roof and even the garage that you had with the trusted stamped concrete company last year to make sure that they are still fine and everything is in a good condition.

We need some knowledge and further information about the things that we have at home like the proper maintenance of it and when do we need to replace them to avoid some problems that may arise in the next coming months or days. It will be a great way to spend your money wisely and you could also do this one as an activity with your family that can be very enjoyable and wonderful while teaching them about the different things that they need to learn and to do sooner. If you have the plan to add a deck in your property, then that would be nice as long as you have the best plan ahead of time to prevent yourself from facing too much problems and troubles especially that you are not an expert to this one. You could hire someone to do it but you need to prepare your budget even more because they are going to make sure that the result would be satisfying to you and that would also mean that you are ready to spend more money for a better material and quality stuff that they are going to use there.

We can help you here by planning and giving you more ideas about the deck installation or renovation plan that you are thinking right now. We could also give some few reminders about the concrete that you can use for the garage and even to the deck if you just want to make it like a patio or even sturdy to avoid shaking or problems with the stability.


It is not an easy project so it is very important that you would have the best plan for it and it is not about planning in one hour only as you need to consult your family members and the other people.


Always think about the purpose and the aim of this project so that it would be very useful and you would not feel bad about the expenses.


Be strict when it comes to the budget so that you would not spend more.