Now, there have been many trends when it comes to houses as more and more people are finding means to have a budget-friendly house. This is where a shipping container house becomes prominent. If done correctly, the shipping container house can be built quickly, affordably, and sustainably, and even a house that even can par the beauty of a conventional house. Its interior design Kubed has also become a trend in today’s housing designs, both interior, and exterior.  

In this article, we will share with you the four prominent reasons why the shipping container housing trend will still become relevant for the years to come. 

1.It can be used for military activities and uses – this is in connection to what the Los Angeles Times has reported about the United States Army Copes of Engineers building shipping container homes in Afghanistan and Iraq to billet military and other United States personnel. Leslie Horn, the Three Squared Construction CEO of the real estate company said that these containers are ideal for military bases especially for war zone since they are not meant to be permanent. Also, the shipping containers are also portable and strong to last long. In addition, they are also seaworthy, flood-resistant, and stackable. Horn also added that these containers can also be sued for different humanitarian efforts as permanent and temporary housing for transporting goods and commercial pop-ups.  

2.They can be used as homes for the homeless – there is a company that in the United States that provides housing for the homeless through building out shipping container houses. These homeless are specifically Orange County’s homeless veterans. The shipping container houses are structurally strong, energy-efficient, and beautiful multifamily housing. It can also be very spacious for homeless persons in the United States. The good thing about these shipping containers is that they can be very easy to build, making it more convenient for the providers.  

3.Accommodates students – the Wenckehof in Amsterdam consists of 1,000 shipping container housing intended for the students. Although there are many critics of these kinds of housing, there are also who want to consider them for their affordability and versatility. In fact, the Wenckehof was reported as the largest development by the Guardian. Also, there have been innovations that make the shipping containers more extraordinary such as providing them floating, carbon-neutral properties that make them buoyant like a boat. They have been also provided with amenities like a barbecue area, kayak landing, roof terrace, and courtyard.  

4.Can mend housing shortages – these containers can also be used to fix the housing shortages in some areas. For instance, mountain Inc. In Missoula, Montana has been trying to solve the housing shortage in Portland. Because the container house can be very cheap compared to the traditional house, they can build hundreds of these houses without getting very expensive.  

With all the trends and changing structural designs of houses, having a shipping container will be convenient for you when you choose to build this kind of house.