Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Power 

Solar energy is useful nowadays. With our increasing amount of electricity bills at home or work, it is best to choose alternatives that save money. With the advancement of our technology, solar energy is available and free in our surroundings is converted to heat and electricity. 

Solar energy is not only helpful to human beings but also our environment. It does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute the surroundings. It does not create noise that is essential to urban areas. Furthermore, solar energy or solar powercan help in the production of energy during peak hours, improves grid security, creates jobs, and reduce your electricity bill.  

Since solar energy is striking in the market nowadays, many people want to install their solar panels. However, one of the hindrances they have is where to find the best installer and panels in town. Thankfully, our company has it all! We are serving the market for years. We received recognition and appreciation from our previous clients. We also have the best technical team that will answer your questions right away! 

Even though we are interested in installing our solar panels at home, we still have questions about it. For more information, here are the frequently asked questions about solar power: 

What is a residential solar electric system, and how does it work? 

The residential solar electric system allows you to have your electricity at home. It is a code-compliant system. It is also connected to your utility since it is not useful during the night time. Apart from that, it has batteries to be used during crucial and emergency time.  

Can my system useful at night? 

Obviously, since sunlight is the main factor to run the system, you need to use your utility during night time. The answer is no! 

Can my system useful during cloudy days? 

Yes, your system is useful during cloudy days but expect a lesser amount of electricity during this time.  

What will happen to my system during a power outage? 

There are two types of a residential systems. One powers your home during day time but does not provide support when an outage arrives. The other type is the best since it can light your home during the daytime and has back up batteries for outage and emergency purposes. 

How many days will a solar installation take? 

Typically, a solar installation can last up to 40 hours on your roofs and approximately 10 hours within your house. Our company will send experts and professional installers to make sure that everything is safe. 

Do I need to worry about my solar panels during the winter season? 

Well, you do not need to worry about your solar panels during the winter season. Usually, your solar panels will be covered by snow after the winter season but will clean themselves when the sun arrives.  

Do I need many solar panels for my house? 

Our Solar Calculator will help you to estimate how many solar panels do you need for your home. You do not need to worry about it since we are ready to help you! 

If you still have questions about solar power and how to avail of our services, visiting our website is the best thing to do. Our team is ready to answer your queries and give you the best service like no other. Have a nice day!