When Do You Have to Take Your Kid to the Dentist?

A lot of parents ask about when they should take their kid to the dentist. If you are one of these parents, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Almost every parent isn’t certain about the right time to schedule the first appointment of their kid to a pediatric dentist in Cypress. Do you have to wait for all the baby teeth to come out? Or do you have to wait for the first tooth of your kid to come out? 

Well, the first scheduled dental visit of your kid must happen within 6 months of the first tooth coming out, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association.  

Another common question that a parent asks is why they should take their kid so early if he/she only has several teeth. 

In general, the first appointment of a kid is more about familiarizing them with the dentist and the dental office. It’s also about knowing the significance of teeth maintenance. Your dentist won’t usually do a real exam on the first visit. To ensure that the teeth are properly coming in and there aren’t any problems, they might look inside the mouth of your kid. However, this visit, in general, is more about establishing awareness and trust.  

Oftentimes, building a relationship and trust with the dentist helps the kid overcome dental fears in the future. It can also help prevent dental anxieties.  

Recommendation for Every Parent 

Even if you feel they’re a little young, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring your kid to the dentist. The ideal method to ease anxiety and fear about the dentist is to get your kid at ease with the dentist as soon as you can. You can get them started with their own appointments while they’re still young and bring them along to one of your dental appointments.  

When Does Your Kid Obtain Actual Dental Exams? 

Your kid will start getting complete dental exams by the age of 3. They might start fluoride treatments at this age. Also, they’ll know more about the significance of brushing and flossing their teeth properly. Usually, parents are required to participate so they can help their kid brush at home properly. Aside from that, the dentist will train parents on how to help floss the teeth of their kid. 

Dentists suggest that your kid brushes their teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes. A dentist might suggest a toothbrush that has a light that flashes or a timer. You might also play some fun songs to help your kid reach the 2-minute requirement.  

What Happen During the First Dental Visit of Your Kid? 

Unless the dentist sees a reason to visit more often, it is extremely suggested that your kid visits the dentist every 6 months after the first visit to the dentist.  

After your kid is ready for the 2nd visit, this is where the dentist will start to work on the teeth of your kid. The 2nd dentist visit will usually consist of counting the teeth of your kid and polishing and brushing them.